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Feel the real temperature of the Chinese economy, witness the pace of the dream-driven era. who can represent the strongest driving force for business 2019? On January 9,2020, the 2019 Big Ten Economic Person of the Year Awards ceremony will be held in Beijing 751D MARK Grand, please look forward to it. 【】


“has no money and goes home for the New Year." Wang Baoqiang sings in" People on a Lost Way. It is a Chinese tradition to go home for the New Year. Many people leave their hometown to go to other cities in order to live. At this point, in China near the Spring Festival will set off a "Spring Festival ". From January 10 to February 18 this year, the 40-day Spring Festival is here again, and what's the difference in this one?


According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments recently issued opinions on doing their utmost to do a good job in the work of the 2020 Spring Festival Movement (hereinafter referred to as the opinion). The comments point out that the number of Chinese New Year's Games passengers will reach about 3 billion in 2020, a slight increase over the previous year.


On one side is the increase in capacity; on the other is the increase in the number of people. \"In order to get home for the New Year's Day, I started to grab train tickets early,\" Mr. Zhang (alias), who returned from the Spring Festival, told the daily newspaper. If you can't get a train ticket, you can only buy a plane ticket to go home.


At present, domestic travel has become more diversified, and people choose more and more. In addition to trains and planes, there are also people on the ride-hailing platform to ride home.


“It's really a lot cheaper to hitchhike, and the owner is still a fellow townsman. Mr. sun (alias) told reporters in the securities daily.


According to a reporter from the China Railways, the China Railway Spring Festival transportation in 2020 totaled 40 days, the national railway is expected to send 100 million passengers, an increase of 32.57 million, an average of 11 million per day, an increase of%. Railway departments as a whole to increase capacity resources, increase potential efficiency, capacity arrangements hit a record high.


Among them,5275 passenger trains were arranged daily before the festival, and the transport capacity reached 10.1 million.


At present, the railway Spring Festival transportation ticket sales peak has passed smoothly in 2020, the passenger ticket purchase experience has greatly improved. Figures show that since the launch of the Spring Festival ticket sale on December 12,2019, China's railways have sold 100 million tickets in various ways, an increase of% over the same period last year, with a daily average of 10 million tickets sold; and the railway's 12306 network sold 100 million tickets, or% of the total ticket sales, with a daily average of 10 million tickets sold.


\"I have to be prepared for the Spring Festival ticket every year, and if it's too late, I may not even be able to buy a ticket without a seat,\" Mr. Li (alias) told the newspaper.


\"I usually buy tickets very late, and although it's not easy to buy tickets, New Year's Eve tickets are usually available,\" Ms Xie told reporters.


It has been mentioned in the comprehensive analysis that, with the more balanced and coordinated development of China's urban and rural areas and regions, the total population growth of the Spring Festival migration has slowed down, the proportion of long-distance migration has decreased, and the contradiction between supply and demand has slowed down; the early Spring Festival in 2020, the passenger flow is expected to be more concentrated before the festival, and the transportation capacity of some key directions and a small number of hot spots of civil aviation routes is relatively tight; the mass travel mode is more diversified, the continuous growth of self-driving travel, and the road protection is facing a severe test; the safety risk caused by bad weather cannot be ignored, and the hidden danger of traffic in rural areas is more prominent.


A self-driving Mr. Sun told the Securities Daily:\" If you go home with a small displacement car, you'll have to pay 500 kilometers per kilometer for gas,300 yuan for gas and about 200 yuan for high-speed transportation. And if you drive a large displacement car home, it will cost more and double the cost of gas.


Sun believes that if the train goes home, it will only cost more than 200 yuan to buy the train ticket, while driving alone will cost twice as much and cost too much. In Mr Sun's view, the most economical way to return home is to hitchhike a ride or place orders on a ride-hailing platform. \"Because I'm going home alone, I can use the ride-hailing platform to find a single person who can save half the cost of fuel and at least a quarter of the cost if I get off midway.


“saves money, saves energy and reduces emissions." Xue Zheng, a senior engineer at the command and information center of Qingdao Civil Air Defense Office and a member of the Shunfeng Car Users Committee, has a wealth of experience in ride-hailing, telling the Securities Daily:" The cost is high if you rent a single car home. And if you take a ride, it's cheaper."


The average number of kilometers across the city is about 260 kilometers, according to big data from the tick-down platform. \"Cross-city windmills are mainly short-and-medium-distance,\" according to the relevant sources told the Securities Daily.


In addition, a member of the hitchhikers'committee told reporters:\" I live in a more remote home, after getting off the train also need to take a bus, if the windmill, not only save the trouble of getting on and off luggage, but also directly to the door of the home or the roadside of the countryside. It's easier than travelling by train or plane.


\"For those who don't have an airport or train station in their hometown, the ride is the best way to get home and avoid turnover,\" a ticker told reporters. According to the data, the number of orders from the first, second and third tier cities to the third tier cities and the counties and towns below accounted for about% of the orders.


During the 40-day national spring transportation season in 2020, demand for ride-hailing is expected to exceed 68 million times, with an average distance of about 260 kilometers, or about 190 yuan, across the city, according to tick-trip big data. Thus, short-distance travel is still the main use of the ride home scene.


“If the country's passenger traffic is expected to reach about 3 billion passengers by the 2020 Spring Festival, the value of the downwind as a supplement to the traditional capacity of the Spring Festival is becoming more and more prominent than that of the traditional mass transportation. That's what these tickers say.